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A Commitment To Dockbuilding Excellence Since 1983

Buck Mooneyhan started building docks  in 1983. As a lifelong boater, Buck knew the importance of a well constructed dock, and saw room for improvement on Lake Murray’s shores.

As a master carpenter, Buck knew a thing or two about woodworking, and his first docks incorporated fine joinery and arrow straight edges. This same attention to detail carries on today and can be seen in every Advanced Dock on the lake.


The Docks Only Get Better

While the first Advanced Docks were good, Buck wasn’t content to rest on his laurels and has continuously sought improvements. One of the first advancements was Advanced Dock’s pioneering development of the support system that prevents floating docks from resting on their pontoons during low-water conditions.

Another major change was switching from steel railings and gangway ramps which inevitably rust to corrosion-proof aluminum which provides a beautiful luster without paints or sealants. The advancements don’t stop there - and even small details like the rollers which help the gangway slide have been iteratively improved over the years.

While some things have changed, Advanced Dock’s commitment to using only the best materials has not. Where some dockbuilders may use 2x6" floor joists, we only use 2x8" because they provide greater rigidity and longer life. Similarly, all Advanced Docks are built with #1 Select marine-grade lumber, instead of the more commonly found #1 grade.

Ultimately, these individual, small improvements, add up to create a superior dock that provides the maximum possible lifespan, more rigidity, and increased ease of use.

Lake Murray’s IMM Quality Boat Lift Dealer

In addition to constructing piers and floating docks, Advanced Docks is Lake Murray’s local dealer for IMM Quality Boat Lifts. These aluminum and stainless steel boat lifts are built in Fort Myers, Florida and come in a range of sizes from those small enough for a single jetski to lifts rated for large yachts.

Our boat lift installations can be paired with locally-made custom walkboards, which make it a breeze to step in and out of your boat.

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Experience and Expertise Working on the Lake

With over four decades spent on Lake Murray, we can safely say that we know a thing or two about building docks here. Our 36’ construction barge is equipped with all of the tools necessary to install pilings anywhere on the lake - even in the occasionally rocky shores that require drilling.

Since all docks must be approved by Dominion Energy, owners must design their docks to meet their requirements. We have developed a close understanding of these regulations and can help guide you in the dock design approval process and can offer guidance in submitting your dock design request.


525 Long Branch Rd, Gilbert, SC 29054


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