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Launch Your Best Summer Yet:

Docks, Gazebos, and Boat Lifts by Advanced Docks

Your dock is more than just a place to access the water - it is a starting point for summer memories, fishing adventures, and a place to watch the sunset with friends and family. Choose a dock that will deliver all of that for years to come.

Over Four Decades of Dock Building Excellence

When you choose Advanced Docks you get a dock that is built to last. Combining the best materials, expert craftsmanship, and innovative design, every Advanced Dock is built to be a joy to use.


Walk from the 360’ contour line straight to your boat on a dock that will stand the test of time. Built with the best materials by expert craftsmen, Advanced Docks are more stable, longer lasting, and easier to use.



Adding an onshore gazebo to your dock gives you a place to relax before and after an afternoon on the lake. Lake Murray docks regulation permitted gazebos up to 16’x16’’, placed at the lake’s contour line.

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Boat Lifts

Protect your boat from fouling and accelerated wear with an IMM Quality Boat Lift. These all aluminum boat lifts are perfect for both pontoon boats and fiberglass hulls alike. 


Jet Ski Lifts

Extend the life of your jet skis with an all aluminum lift - keeping your jet skis out of the water helps prevent aquatic growth and corrosion. With a remote control system and a custom walkboard, getting on and off your jet ski has never been easier.



Our stationary piers are set atop the highest quality treated 6x6" wooden posts, which are driven directly into the earth or set into rocky shores using our marine construction barge-mounted carbide drill. Your new pier will be the jumping off point for summer fun.


Floating Docks

Lake life goes on even as water levels vary. With high quality encapsulated floats set right at the edges, an ultra rigid design, and oversized mooring cleats, your floating dock will be super stable and make for exceptionally easy boat handling.


Wooden Boat Docks

Wood stays cooler underfoot, even under our blazing South Carolina sun. We only use #1 Select marine grade lumber - the highest quality available for dock construction - and our beams run the full length of your dock for a more finished look and greater rigidity.


Composite Boat Docks

Composite dock decking looks better, for longer. AZEK by Timbertech is a super premium marine grade PVC composite and is designed to hold up even under the scorching sun - retaining its color and finish for years to come.


Why Choose Advanced Docks

Long Lasting, Premium Materials

Docks only last as long as the materials they are made of. Advanced Docks uses #1 Select Lumber, the highest grade of marine lumber, 2x8” support beams where additional support is needed instead of the more common 2x6”s, and beautiful rust-proof aluminum gangway ramps.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Docks are hand built and require skill, attention to detail, and a willingness to do things right even when it's more difficult. Built to a higher standard, Advanced Docks offer greater structural rigidity, making for a longer lasting dock that is easier to use.

Designed By a Boater, For Boaters

Docks are designed to be used - and Advanced Docks are designed to be a pleasure to use. From oversized mooring cleats which make tieing off easier to the carefully chosen placement of floats which make your dock rock steady, Advanced Docks are designed to be the best.

Four Decades of Proven Results

The first Advanced Dock was installed in Lake Murray in 1983 and over the decades we have tirelessly worked to deliver the best dock possible. All along the lake you will find examples of our work - testaments to our premium materials, craftsmanship, and design.

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I researched what I thought were the top 4 dock builders on Lake Murray.  I must have gone to look at over 40 docks on the lake.  I chose Advanced for my dock, and I was not let down.  It is beautiful and there are so many small things that they do that put them ahead of the competition.  You may have to wait a while, but the result is well worth the wait.  Buck and his team will leave you with a dock you will want to show off!

About Advanced Docks

Buck Mooneyhan built his first dock on Lake Murray back in 1983 after spending over a decade working in carpentry and construction. Taking his skills as a master carpenter into the water was a natural fit, as Buck was (and still is) a lifelong boater. Today, Advanced Docks offers its customers forty years of experience, a commitment to quality materials, and a drive to build the best docks on Lake Murray.

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525 Long Branch Rd, Gilbert, SC 29054

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